PurMedia Launches Web Site for ELSOS®
PurMedia creates new identity and Web site for Executive Level Sales Outsourcing Service.

San Diego, CA, November 20, 2002 -- PurMedia, Incorporated, a Web design and development corporation in San Diego, California, has just launched a new identity and online presence for Executive Level Sales Outsourcing Service (ELSOS®), a professional sales outsourcing service company in San Diego.

The new site can be found at It displays information about company services and clients, and includes a section that lists frequently asked questions. As a second phase to this project, PurMedia will be working on designing a complete business system for ELsos®, which will include business cards, letterhead, and thank you notes.

"Purmedia has done a phenomenal job in designing and creating our new business look. They have been extremely well-organized and professional in their work. They have helped us achieve exactly what we were looking for to enhance our company’s presence both on and off the Web. Their process from the beginning to now has been very efficient and completed in a timely manner. We would highly recommend Purmedia to other companies looking to take that next step in their business growth plan and look forward to working with Purmedia for years to come.” said Steve Ruderman, President for ELsos®.

“This is really more than just another Web site launch for PurMedia.“ said Stan Hurd, Director of Development for PurMedia. “This launch the first milestone in the formation of a powerful partnership. As much as we have helped ELSOS® get to the next level in their establishment of a brand personality, ELSOS® has the expertise to take PurMedia to the next level as we look forward to starting the New Year with a new product offering.”

About ELsos®
ELsos® provides high level sales associates to companies in need of increased sales. We offer seasoned sales veterans to companies so they can focus on their core competencies. ELsos® eliminates the worrying about hiring, payment plans, bonus structures and commissions. ELsos® takes the risk out building and training a sales staff. We provide a complete strategy to companies to allow them to truly manage their product(s) and/or service(s) while we manage their sales. For more information on outsourcing sales contact ELsos® @ 760-438-1741 or

About PurMedia, Inc.
PurMedia, Inc. (pronounced Pure Media) provides individually tailored creative and technology solutions to a wide variety of companies and corporations. We deliver successful products that surpass client expectation and maximize initial investment return. By fusing award-winning graphic and Web design with revolutionary functionality, we form a powerful synergy that can rarely be accomplished by our competition. Our technology capabilities are based on a foundation of experience, knowledge and success that allows us to bring a fresh, out-of-the box approach to Web development, print, branding, and multimedia projects.

PurMedia ( is able to offer enhanced, efficient, self-empowering solution sets to clients and partners that blur traditional boundaries, maximize economies of scale, and ultimately breed success. We take a fluid approach to our projects and offer unique organic and digital skill-sets within a flexible, client-friendly environment.

We are proud to offer the following suite of services:
: Custom Web Design
: Database Integration
: Hosting
: Multimedia Design and Production
: Information Architecture
: Online Marketing
: Copy Writing
: Logo Design, Image and Branding
: Print Design and Advertising
: Web Consulting, Strategy and Planning


For Additional Information Contact:
Mike Vaccaro
Director of Operations
PurMedia, Inc.